Estate and Vintage Jewellery refers to jewellery that was previously owned and enjoyed. Due to its prior ownership, the buyer saves a substantial amount of money buying estate jewellery as the depreciation has already been levied on the original purchaser.

Antique jewellery and estate jewellery also share differences in definition. Antique Jewellery as defined in Canada is likely over 100 years old and will likely be further delineated by the period in which it was designed and manufactured. Estate as previously noted refers to it having been previously enjoyed and is returning to the market for further trade. Antique jewellery comes from the proliferation of significant art history periods in human culture and civilization. Jewellery is an art- form. The jewellery at Ritchies are works of art.

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Georgian Period 1714-1830: Named after England’s four kings named George. Jewellery made in this period is commonly organic forms found in nature such as trees, flowers, and birds.

Early Victorian or Romantic period 1837-1860: Queen Victoria loved jewellery and inspired several different styles throughout her reign as queen. Style during this period featured scrollwork, florals, animal themes and were often enhanced by coloured gemstones. This period brought out increased gemstone mining, production, and scope, so colour became very popular.

Mid Victorian period aka Grand Period 1860-1885: Jewellery designed to mourn the death of Victoria’s husband was common in this period. It was often set with jet and black onyx to signify the mourning nature of this style. Classic styles of this period used agate, jasper, sea shells, and amethyst in motifs of the period. Star motifs were very popular and often done in enamel. In the middle of this period the world was introduced to the concept of fashion jewellery with very frivolously created styles. Diamonds were often only worn at evening functions during this period.

Late Victorian or Aesthetic period 1885-1900: The further liberation of women during this period drove style to dramatically change in favour of more feminine inspiration in style and colour. Differently coloured sapphires, peridot, and spinel became popular.

Arts and Crafts movement 1894-1923: This period was brought on by a movement by craftsmen to bring back interest in hand-made jewellery. The creation of Arts Guilds brought back the concept of creative and handmade exploration and the use of uncut or minimally cut coloured stones marked the style of this period.

Art Nouveau period 1890-1910: Translated as New Art in English was inspired by natural structures and forms such as in flowers and plants but also in flowing curved lines and the abandonment of straight lines and forms used in the arts and craft movement. Jewellery from this era is highly revered by collectors and is often disproportionately expensive.

Edwardian period 1901-1910: Named after King Edward VII is often extended through to WW1. Edwardian Jewellery is often adorned by more expensive gems such as diamond, ruby, and sapphire set in more elaborate deigns. This period produced very lavish designs using the more expensive platinum in place of the heavy gold used in previous periods. Motifs such as bows, garland, tassels and the use of filigree and milligrain were popular during this period.

Art Deco period 1920-1935: This period was named after the International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts held in Paris in 1925. The period has great diversity of influence. From Roman to Egyptian to the middle and far east this period has far reaching style and definition. Jewellery from the period features geometric designs, lots of use of colour stones and differently coloured enamelling techniques featuring abstract matrix designs.

Retro or Modern Period 1945-1960: This period was greatly influenced by Hollywood`s elite. The period is characterized by use of elaborate designs, lots of different colour with Ruby standing out the most, and very bold style.